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Newfoundland Hiking Adventures

Guided Newfoundland Hiking Tours & Fishing Trips

Looking for a great Newfoundland outdoor adventure? We have guided hiking tours, boat tours and fishing trips designed for non-resident visitors to our beautiful province of Newfoundland, Canada. Come explore the natural beauty of Newfoundland at Grand Lake, 90 miles long, three ecological reserves and an abundance of wildlife. Perfect for unforgettable photo tours! Book your Newfoundland outdoor adventure today!

Wildlife and Photo Tours

Newfoundland Hiking Tours

Our Newfoundland hiking tours will give you that sense of being disconnected from regular life but at the same time totally connected to nature. We have a variety of edible vegetation that grow wild here along with numerous wild berries and of course an amazing abundance of wildlife.

We incorporate the education side of the hiking tour from the knowledge of your experienced guides. Have your camera ready because you will be busy from the scenic Newfoundland wilderness and wildlife we have to offer. Contact us today and book your Newfoundland outdoor adventure.

Newfoundland's Largest Fresh Water lake

Newfoundland Boat Tours

Grand Lake is the largest body of fresh water in Newfoundland being roughly 90 miles in length. It also has a island in it that is 22 miles long with steep cliffs and mountains on each side. This lake and the ecological area is a hidden gem in Newfoundland that needs to be more recognized and explored.

We offer exciting jet boat tours on Grand Lake on a small scale of groups of 2-4 people to provide a more personal touring experience. Contact us and book your boat tour now and lets get connected to nature. Your Newfoundland outdoor adventure awaits!

Stunning Hiking Tours

Guided Newfoundland hiking tours, boat tours and fishing trips. Come explore the natural beauty of Newfoundland at Grand Lake.

  • Grand Lake is approximately 90 miles long
  • Has an island 22 miles long
  • 3 ecological reserves
  • An amazing abundance of wildlife
  • 13 years in the Newfoundland tourism business