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Grand Lake Adventures is a Tourism business located in Deer Lake, Newfoundland. We have been in the tourism industry now for 13 years. We offer outdoor Newfoundland adventures tours for non-resident visitors to our beautiful province of Newfoundland (NL), Canada. We want to showcase our diverse landscape through the Newfoundland hiking tours, boat tours, fishing trips and trekking adventures we offer.


We also want to pass on our knowledge of the different vegetation, mineral rocks and wildlife that we have here on the island. That is why we are offering our Newfoundland backcountry Grand Safari Wildlife Photo & Hiking Tour as our main and featured tour packages.

Expert Guides

13 years experience in the Newfoundland Tourism business and expert guides to share an abundance of knowledge

Ecological Reserves

Little Grand Lake Provisional Ecological Reserve surrounds Little Grand Lake plus two Little Grand Lake Wildlife Reserves

Tour Packages

Newfoundland hiking tours, boat tours and fishing trips at Grand Lake, the largest body of fresh water in Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland Hiking Tours & Eco Adventures

Grand Wildlife Photo & Hiking Safari Tours

Grand Lake Boat Tours & Eco Tours

Brook Trout & Atlantic Salmon Fishing Trips

Is there a Newfoundland Hiking Adventure on your bucket list? CHECK!

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Hiker's Reviews

  • This trip surpassed my expectations in what I thought Newfoundland was like. This region is a hidden gem and I would recommend it to anyone. I will be back!!

    Sean Edwards

Stunning Hiking Tours

Guided Newfoundland hiking tours, boat tours and fishing trips. Come explore the natural beauty of Newfoundland at Grand Lake.

  • Grand Lake is approximately 90 miles long
  • Has an island 22 miles long
  • 3 ecological reserves
  • An amazing abundance of wildlife
  • 13 years in the Newfoundland tourism business